Born 1981 in St. Gervais les Bains, France.

Marie Alexis works internationally as a freelance dancer and choreographer for free productions as well as for institutional houses. Her own work deals intensively with space
and the „genius loci“, driven by an abstract, formal research on one side, and a poetic perception of the world on the other. The reciprocal influence of space, material and the human body is the base of her research, and for this she uses the creative means of video and installation as well as movement.

At the source of every work stands AUTOPIA, the utopy of self-sufficiency – to live and
create with available resources, from and with our own strength and means – as well as the limits of this utopy and the dialogue, exchange and collaboration bringing fresh impulses.

Her search for an artistic language is driven by the question of art for urgency and relevance, but is also born from the pleasure of sensual nonsense.

Marie Alexis lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.