In a world of chaos
I dance
to find a playful relationship
with the basic laws of physicality.

In a world of functionality
I dance
to find the pleasure of sensual nonsense.

In a world of consumerism
I dance
to create.

In a world of wonders
I dance
to celebrate.

(M.A. 2016)

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december 2016:

On december 10 2016, I had the pleasure to show an improvised short piece within an event at Photobastei Zurich organised by the artist association DRAUFF. This is what the spontaneous collaboration with harp player and singer Layla Winter looked like:

Silver Thread from Marie Alexis on Vimeo.


september 2016:

from the project: one random song a week. little finger exercise on character building, musicality, humour.

performance, camera, editing: marie alexis
music: georges brassens

contenance from Marie Alexis on Vimeo.

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